“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Mahatma Gandhi

I have always had a passion for helping animals. When I was young, I remember reading an article about animals being used for product testing. The group that wrote the article was working to get that changed. Even at that young age, I felt there had to be something I could do to help. I quickly gathered up my friends, and we started collecting money to donate to those rescue efforts.

As I got older, my efforts increased. I started working closely with organizations that provide care for abandoned, abused, or unwanted pets, and place them in good homes. I also put my support into educating the public about the need for spaying/neutering their pets to prevent more animals from ending up in shelters or on the streets.

I started my first online pet store almost 10 yrs ago, and my only goal was to provide ‘pet products with a purpose’. Using profits from every sale, along with ‘buy one give one’ promotions, I was able to donate toys, food, medical funds, and other supplies needed to comfort animals in dire situations.

Today, I am still fulfilling that same mission, just under a different name. When you make a purchase at Farmhouse Pet Blends, you are still buying ‘pet products with a purpose’ and making a difference in the lives of animals needing assistance.

Farmhouse Pet Blends is a family owned business, and as such, I am committed to sourcing ingredients from other family owned and employee owned companies in the USA.

Owner Teri Fulkerson (and Apollo)