Fresh, Healthy and hand selected

We use a process that locks in the nutrients,
allowing our Pet Blends™ to stay nutritious and flavorful
until you are ready to serve them.

Cat or Dog blends

All of the ingredients we use are perfect for both cats and dogs.

Select ingredients

Our made to order process allows you to create your own blend.

Personalize label

Your custom blend deserves a customized label. 




Dehydration is the process of removing the moisture while locking in nutrients. It is the least damaging form of food preservation.


Dehydrating has minimal effect on the nutritional value of food.

Made to order

All pets are not the same, which is why we offer the option to customize your blend.

Farmhouse Pet Blends

Buy Local

We personally visit local vendors and hand select the ingredients we use in our Pet Blends™.

Pawsitively Delicious

Dehydrating food stops the growth of microbes like bacteria.

Pets LOVE the taste! 

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Launching Fall 2018